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The New Discovery of the Skiers...

Bansko ski resort is set in the Southwest part of Bulgaria, 160 km from Sofia, at the footsteps of Pirin Mountain, which is under UNESCO protection. Bansko combines wonderful nature and romantic atmosphere of the Old town, popular for its numerous cultural monuments and rich icon collection of the local Zograf (icon painting) School. The district is famous for its excellent cuisine, the variety of colorful taverns (over 200 in the city) and the authentic folklore. The winter here lasts from December till April, the average January temperature being minus 2°C, with heavy snowfalls, providing a constant winter snow cover up to 2 m.

The skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent. The new 7 km cabin lift from Bansko to the ski-runs could transport up to 2400 persons per hour. The total length of the ski runs is over 70 km. Totally 55 snow cannons blow an artificial snow to make the ski runs suitable for skiing during the whole season. There is also a 650 m long ski run with artificial lightning, which can be use for night skiing. During the new season, two new ski runs are going to be opened with length of 1 200 and 1 300 m and displacement of 350 m, suitable for starters and for middle skilled skiers, as well as a new 4-seated lift "Doppelmeir". 160 more snow canons for artificial snow are going to be installed. In this way Bansko is going to become one of the few ski resorts in Europe, where the skiing is possible even in the warm weather. Over 150 instructors work in the ski schools and the ski storages offer 3000 units of ski from all the famous brands like Atomic, Salomon, Fisher etc. The number of beds in hotels and apartment complexes has reached this year 14 000!

SKI facilities - BANSKO

Brief facts about Bansko (view / hide)

  • Total ski runs: 70km
  • Longest run: 16km
  • Off-piste skiing: Yes
  • Slopes exposure: North
  • Highest ski point: 2600m
  • Max vertical drop: 1630m
  • Height of resort: 930m
  • Drags: 16
  • Chairlifts: 6
  • Gondolas: 1
  • Artificial snow: 100% coverage
  • Night skiing: Yes
  • Snowboarding: Yes
  • Ski-Doo: Yes
  • Season starts: middle Dec.
  • Season ends: middle April

How to get to (transport to) Bansko? (view / hide)

The cheapest, but not so reliable way is by public transportation.

By train
We are not recommending this way of transportation to Bansko. The train takes an enormous detour and considerably more time. However, if time is not a problem the scenery is magnificent and takes you through the highest train station in the Balkans.

By bus
The buses to Bansko are with acceptable standard and quality. Travelling from Sofia to Bansko by bus takes between three and three-and-a-half hours. Please be aware that it is not unusual for a particular bus not to turn up and schedules are often a rough guide only! Prices differ depending on the route but are around 15 leva (8 EUR) one way.

Sofia Central Bus Terminal to Bansko - 07.30, 08.30, 09.45, 13.15 (not Sun), 14.00.
Sofia Zapad Bus Terminal to Bansko - 10:30, 13:40, 13:55, 15:25.
Sofia Ovcha Kupal Bus Terminal to Bansko - 07:00, 09:20 (not Tues), 10:30, 11:50 (not Sun), 13:05, 13:55, 14:30, 14:40, 15:10, 15:28 (not Tues), 15:55, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30.
Bansko Bus Terminal to Sofia - 05:40, 07:00, 08:40, 13:15, 15:20 (not Tues).

Prices and information meant as a guide only. You are advised to confirm prior to travel.

By private transfer
It is the most reliable, fast and safe way to get to Bansko. You will be met at the airport or at address/hotel by and English or Russian speaking assistant, who will give you useful information and details about your trip. You will have private vehicle with driver at your disposal till dropping you at your hotel in Bansko. Please note that we do not charge you for extra luggage. When meeting at the airport flight schedule / delays are always monitored. Your transfer is 100% private; no waiting for other flights.

Please check our guaranteed lowest transfer rates to Bansko ….

Hiring a taxi in Bansko
As far as the distances in Bansko are not big, you would not see a lot of taxis in Bansko. In most of the cases the hotels in Bansko are providing free transportation to Gondola lift to its guests. All the same if you will need to use the services of a taxi, we recommend always asking the driver about the tariff to your final destination. Taxi ranks at the bus station, gondola lift, hotel Strazhite and hotel Pirin. There are two taxi companies in Bansko:

Adress: 2 Patriarh Evtimiy Str., Bansko}
Tel: (+359) 0749 88505

Adress: 3 Slivnitsa Str., Bansko
Tel: (+359) 0749 86505

Bansko slopes, ski & snowboarding (view / hide)

Skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent. Well groomed tree-lined slopes, an efficient and modern lift infrastructure, and abundant snowfall make Bansko the best and the most modern ski centre of all Bulgarian ski resorts. Bansko has the best snow record and the longest ski season (15 Dec - 15 May) of all Bulgarian ski resorts. During the last few years the area has seen a massive investment process, expressed by the building of many new resort facilities, restaurants, clubs for entertainment etc.

About 35% of the ski runs are suitable for beginners, 40% for intermediate, and 25% for advanced. Huge monitors showing pictures from the different pistes are on display at the base of the Gondola enabling you to judge the wind and temperature conditions before climbing up the slope. The excellent ski runs comply with the standards of FIS and are located in two main ski-centers - Chalin Valog (the peak's hollow) (1100-1600 m.a.s.l.) and Shiligarnika (1700-2500 m.a.s.l.).

There is some good off-piste riding available but local knowledge or having a guide is strongly advised to avoid any danger. Snowboard enthusiasts can enjoy long tree-lined runs or the new dedicated park with a half pipe facility 90m high and 16m wide. Here they can build jumps according to their own taste and ability.

We offer lift passes, ski/snowboard equipment hiring and lessons at very competitive rates. You can book them with us in advance and we guarantee that the prices on the spot are always higher than booking in advance.
Please check all rates for pre-booked ski services in Bansko here …

New Lifts

Length (m):

Rise (m):

New Ski Runs

Length (m):

Rise (m):

1. Gondola






2. Chair



2. Plato



3. Chair



3. Shiligarnik+Plato



4. Chair



4. Bunderitsa Main



5. Drag



5. Bunderitsa Two



6. Drag



6. Children's Run



7. Drag



8. Drag



9. Drag



10. Drag



Bansko Snow report / snow forecast: (view / hide)

No information

Places of Interests in Bansko: (view / hide)

Bansko is not only ski runs and hotels. The town is located in the outskirts of Pirin National Park, and that's why it is also called "The Gate to Pirin Mountain". It is one of the icon-painting and wood-carving centers of Bulgaria. The most remarkable monuments in Bansko are:

The typical Bansko houses, which have preserved their appearance from the time of the Bulgarian National Revival. The houses in Bansko look like fortified fortresses - build from stone and wood with small grating windows, high strong walls and solid wooden doors.

The St. Trinity Church. The church was built in 1835 and is the biggest and the wealthiest church in the region of Pirin, famous for its unique wood-carved iconostasis and mural paintings. It is one of the symbols of Bansko - on the top of its 30-meter bell tower can be seen a 150 years hand-made old clock, working even nowadays.

The Virgin Mary church was built in the 6th century, and restored at the end of the 8th century. The church has a wonderful wood-carved iconostasis dating back to the beginning of 19th century. The native house of Neofit Rilski is preserved in its original exterior appearance and well known as the Benin House. It is situated in the immediate neighbourhood of the St. Trinity church

The Museum-house of Master Velyan (The Velyanova Kashta) - a monument dating back from the Bulgarian National Revival period; one of the most beautiful houses with rich frescos decoration and lovely wood-carvings.

The Sirleshtova Kashta (the House of Sirleshtov) is a small fortress, marked by one-meter thick stone walls, narrow and dark loopholes, iron wires on the windows and heavy doors.

The Todeva (Buinovata) Kashta (the House of Todev) is a construction masterpiece, bringing the subtle feeling for beauty in the everyday life. It was built in 1835.

Places of Interests near Bansko: (view / hide)

The most popular places of interest near Bansko are Rila Monastery, Melnik and Rozhen Monastey. We offer weekly excursions to these places. Please check full details here …

Bansko dining (food & drink), taverns, restaurants: (view / hide)

Veselo Selo - an real gourmet restaurant with show-cooking, life music and show program with dancers. Price range - 10-15 EUR for starter, main dish and desert

Address: Bansko, Bulgaria, 109, Pirin Str., at the traffic light, next to Gondola Mobile (+359) 0885-743-983,

Mehana Molerite - a tavern with more than 200 years history. It offers typical measl for the region and live music - live music (traditional and "gypsy" style). Price range - 5-10 EUR for starter, main dish and desert

Address: Bansko, Glazne str. 41 phone. (+359) 07443-84-94 mobile (+359) 0888-844-944

Tavern Mehana "CHARDAKA" - located in the center of Bansko in a house with typical architecture. The host building is more than 150 years old. All appetizers are prepared in front of your eyes. Live local (Macedonian music), authentic Bansko folklore and numerous surprises are awaiting you. Attractive clay pot with special beans prepared by a secret recipe will enchant you with delicious aroma, tempting you to stop by and try. Delicious lambs and pork will also be prepared in front of you. Price range - 10-15 EUR for starter, main dish and desert.

Address: Bansko, Bulgaria, Pirin Str. 16 Mobile (+359) 888 62 43 96,

Zechtinjieva house - once crossed the threshold of the tavern, you'll find the traditional Bansko interior, presented with lots of wood and stone. Decorated with taste, the tavern gives a unique feeling of the Pirin region. Each night, the live music will entertain you with authentic songs from the area. In certain evenings, the folklore program presented by young professional dancers will make sure that you will experience a true Bansko night. The tavern offers typical meals made with a great passion! Price range - 5-10 EUR for starter, main dish and desert

Address: Bansko, 11 Georgi Kovachev str., Tel: 074988480, 0899 559599

Chevermeto - the only catering establishment in Bansko where guests can always be served cheverme (whole barbecued lamb) without ordering it in advance. The restaurant offers the best of both local and Rhodope dishes. You are welcome to order "patatnik" (potato dish), skewered piglet, Banski soudjuk (local sausage), kapama (mixed meats dish) and chomlek (pork dish). You will be pleasantly surprised by our specialties cooked on an earthenware slab and the five types of freshly cooked soups. Live music each evening. Price range - 5-10 EUR for starter, main dish and desert

Address: Bansko, 4, Vazrazhdane Square phone: +359 (749) 880-80

Bansko bars and night clubs: (view / hide)

    Distances from/to Bansko (view / hide)

    Big cities / airports

    From Sofia (airport) to Bansko - 160 km
    From Plovdiv (airport) to Bansko - 160 km
    From Thessaloniki to Bansko - 240 km
    From Athens (airport) to Bansko - 830 km
    From Istanbul (airport) to Bansko - 600 km
    From Sandanski to Bansko - 97 km

    Border points:

    From Promahonas to Bansko - 130 km
    From Kulata to Bansko - 120 km
    From Kalotina to Bansko - 200 km
    From Gueshevo to Bansko - 180 km

    Nearby places of interests:

    From Rila Monastery to Bansko - 100 km
    From Melnik to Bansko - 110 km
    From Dobarsko village to Bansko - 20 km

    Weather in Bansko:

    Hotels in Bansko (Bansko Area)