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About Velingrad

Velingrad is one of the most famous resorts in Bulgaria, also called “The SPA capital of the Balkans”. The refreshing mountain air of the Rhodope Mountains, mild climate, beautiful nature, a significant number of sunny days, and availability of numerous hot mineral water springs makes Velingrad a preferable destination for a holiday, SPA, and relaxation during all seasons.


The location of Velingrad is not chosen by chance. Those lands are blessed with numerous natural underground springs. The resort is perfectly situated in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, near the Bulgarian capital Sofia (130 km away) and Plovdiv (80 km away), the second city in the country and one of the oldest establishments in Europe. In winter, you will have the opportunity to ski in the Yundola tracks during the day and have a relaxing SPA treatment in one of the numerous hotels of Velingrad in the evenings. In all other seasons, there are many more sights available to visit. You can take a trip to Kostandovo to check out a unique carpet factory that produces handmade carpets of 100 m2 each! Clients of this factory are celebrities and large estate owners from all over the world like Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth II, etc. The area of Batak and Peshtera is also an exciting destination that deserves to be visited. You can learn more about the horrific struggle in this area during the uprising of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman yoke in 1876. Peristrera fortress and the beautiful Snejanka (Snow White) cave are also nearby. If you are keen on paleontology, then it is worth mentioning that the area of Dorkovo is the place with the biggest concentration of prehistoric fossils in Europe. Nowadays, you can see many findings from that era and a recreation of a real-sized mastodon in the local museum. Boiana-MG can offer trips to all these sights and more. Just send us an email with your wishes and we will help you fulfill them.

Activities and fun

In addition to the sights mentioned above, you can enjoy numerous opportunities for rest, activities and attractions in and around Velingrad, such as:
  • Horse riding;
  • Watersports in Dospat dam;
  • River or lake fishing;
  • Sunbathing;
  • Rest among the woods;
  • Hiking through the local mountain trails;
  • Cycling trips on nature trails;
  • Ski on the slopes of the nearby Yundola resort;
  • Eating in local restaurants and pubs;
  • Visit of a public bath with hot water pools at open air;
  • SPA & Wellness procedures;
  • Nightlife in the trendy local or hotel’s clubs and bars
  • And many more…

What else do you need to know about Velingrad?

Mineral water

Mineral waters in the Velingrad spa resort are almost everywhere and have diverse compositions. They sprout from 70 hot springs at an impressive rate of 142 lt per second – this is more than 12 million litres per day. Their temperatures vary from 46° to 94°C. All waters are weakly mineralized, sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium, strongly alkaline, of low hardness and pleasantly drinkable.

Rehabilitation and recovering

The favourable climate in Velingrad and the tradition and practice that the resort has in the sphere of physical therapy and kinesitherapy make it one of the leading SPA destinations in Bulgaria. The water here has impressive healing abilities. For each patient coming for treatment in the wellness resort, an individual program for rehabilitation and recovery has been developed according to the disease's characteristics and stage. An individual program is developed in the Medical centre by specialists in "Physical medicine and rehabilitation" and specialists in relevant fields of medicine. Before the healing program for rehabilitation and recovering has been applied for each patient, an electronic health card is created. Before entering the Medical center, his health status has been determined – anamnesis, systems examination (blood pressure, cardiogram, laboratory analysis – blood and urine, Functional apparatus examination of breathing).

Treatment indications of Velingrad resort and its mineral waters

The waters' healing powers here can be used to treat different conditions like degenerative joint diseases like arthrosis, Inflammatory joint issues, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or other arthritis. Also, nervous system diseases, traumatic problems of the musculoskeletal system, osteoporosis, hypertension, respiratory diseases, endocrine issues, diabetes, kidney-urological diseases, ulcer, gastritis, colitis, obesity, and peripheral vascular diseases. There are so many reasons to select Velingrad for your next holiday. If you need more information or help to select the right hotel there, don't hesitate to contact the experienced travel consultants of Boiana-MG, who are always willing to help.