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About Borovets

This is the first mountain resort not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans. Its history dates back to the end of the 19th century when the then Bulgarian monarch Prince Ferdinand built his summer residence and several hunting lodges for his entourage. Later, many wealthy families in the capital built their villas in the resort, some of which still exist today. Until the middle of the last century, the resort was named Chamkoria. In the 60s and 70s of the XX century Borovets grew and developed as the largest winter sports resort on the peninsula. Following the model of French resorts, the construction of hotels, lifts, ski lifts and runs begins here. The first ski competitions started in 1930 and since then Borovets hosted the starts of two world and twelve European competitions in alpine skiing: slalom, giant slalom, ski jumping. The name of the first Bulgarian skier, European champion in ski slalom, Petar Popangelov, who won the European Cup right here in 1976, will forever remain in the history of Bulgarian skiing. In 37 competitions for the Alpine Ski World Cup, he ranked among the top 10 best skiers on the planet. Today, the former Yastrebets 2 track bears his name. On the website of Boiana-MG travel company, you can find offers for holidays in some of the best hotels in Borovets with category 4 and 5 stars, at reasonable prices. We offer hotels from the Festa hotel chain, including the luxurious 5-star Festa Winter Palace, Hotel Bor - the first hotel here, located in the old centre of the resort and renovated in 2016, Club Hotel Yanakiev - one of the newest and most comfortable hotels in Borovets, with a SPA centre on two floors, the well-known hotels Rila and Samokov, the luxury SPA hotel Borovets Hills 5 * and others. They have double rooms and apartments, and there are various discounts for children from 3 to 12 years old. For example, the Rila Hotel has a kids club, and there is a ski storage lot for your ski equipment. More distant hotels such as Bor and Festa Chamkoria offer a shuttle to the lift station. Others like Festa Winter Palace and Rila - covered parking. Free wi-fi is almost available everywhere in the hotels.


The region around the resort is rich in historical and natural attractions. In the vicinity of the resort, you can visit Belchin Mineral Baths, as well as Tsari Mali Grad - a spiritual centre during the Thracian period and a restored ancient Roman fortress. The beautiful mountain villages of Beli Iskar and Govedartsi are only 16 km away. In the heart of Rila mountain, a cultural-historical jewel is hiding, only an hour and a half by car from Borovets, the Rila Monastery - the spiritual centre of Bulgaria, one of the most significant UNESCO monuments in Bulgaria. Rila Mountain is beautiful both in summer and in winter. Its nature is accessible to tourists thanks to a network of routes and marked trails. Among the most popular destinations in the mountain is Mount Musala - the highest on the Balkan Peninsula (2925 m). The winter climbing to the top is a serious challenge and requires the preparation and presence of an experienced guide. The trip lasts several days, and in addition to Musala, you can conquer some of the lower peaks of Rila. It is possible to relax in the hut "Musala". The hike to the beautiful Seven Rila Lakes is relatively easy. If you feel sufficiently prepared and want to see more of the mountain nature, you can continue the transition to Skakavitsa waterfall. Rila huts are starting points for various routes in the mountains.

Activity ideas and attractions

Borovets offers everything you need to enjoy winter sports: hotels, holiday villages, tracks, facilities for access to them, opportunities for various entertainment. It has 25 slopes of varying difficulty, including cross-country skiing, a school for training in alpine skiing and snowboarding, a children's ski school, a base for renting ski equipment and related equipment, snowmobiles. Ofcourse, you can bring your own snowboard or ski equipment. We will add the adventurous Borovets Fun Park for fans of freestyle and adrenaline - skiers and snowboarders, located on the track Sitnyakovo 1, which is served by the 4-seater cable car Sitnyakovo Express and ski lift Sitnyakovo. However, you should know that the rules of the International Ski Federation apply here without exception, and the insurance in the lift pass does not cover the Fun Park, where skiing or snowboarding is at your own risk. And because it is all about your safety, the ski zone is constantly monitored for potential avalanche danger that would endanger the lives and health of skiers. Borovets also offers hiking tours and routes, horseback riding, rock climbing and other various nature entertainments during the summer season.

Parties and nightlife

In the evening, the resort pulsates with countless lights. The options for entertainment are many - from cosy restaurants with Bulgarian and international cuisine to nightclubs and discos.

What else you need to know about Borovets

  • The location of Borovets is at the foot of the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala, in the Rila Mountains.
  • The resort is only 70 km from Sofia.
  • The altitude of the slopes here is from 1350 to 2560 m, their total length - 58 km. Maximum denivelation: 1230 m, Longest track: 12 km.
  • The hotels are just at the foot of the slopes, in alpine style and feature modern sports and spa centres.
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